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The Jersey Girls Trilogy

Work, save, open a happily ever after.

Claire has a perfectly planned life, but when her creepy new boss, Nick the Dick, promotes her to a job and she doesn’t even understand her new title, she’s thrown off course on the first step. Things can’t get any worse . . . until she’s forced to work with the very man Nick told her to avoid. 

She never planned for Satish Bhatt, the delicious, off-limits vice president. He’s cold, intimidating, and incredibly distracting. 

Their collision is about to make everything unravel.

If you like fast-paced, breezy, chick-lit with loveable characters and lots of surprises that will keep you turning pages, you’ll love Unraveled.

Mousy Maureen knows she’s destined to live a boring life as a spinster.

But when rich, dreamy Brad invites her to take a spin on his yacht in The Bahamas, it’s time to take life into her own hands. She packs a new wardrobe and her guide to “Make Every Man Want You” and heads off to Paradise.

Stephen hates his job as First Mate on the Lauren Belle. The luxury yacht is hosting an obnoxious huckster named Brad, and he’s bringing a girl. The last thing Stephen needs is to babysit some spoiled socialite. But Maureen isn’t like any socialite he’s ever met. She has secrets he’s dying to uncover and lips he’s dying to kiss. But then again... he has secrets too. 

Maureen thought Brad would bring out her Magnificent Mo - but maybe it’s Stephen that will make her unstoppable.

If you like exotic locales, unstoppable heroines, and happily ever afters with a few surprises that will keep you turning pages, you’ll love this sweet romance.

She has three rules: no men, no friends, no distractions. 

Nandita’s rules have always kept her heart safe . . . until graduation day when life careens downhill. She’s rejected from the graduate program of her dreams and faces a six-month deadline. Find a way to stay in the US or end up back in India with her controlling parents--her worst nightmare. 

One problem? A man with dark, penetrating eyes she can’t resist. 

One by one, she breaks her rules, but can’t ignore the gut feeling that he’s not who he says he is.

She’s risking uncharted territory and might end up right back where she started… or worse.

If you love books that keep you turning pages, you’ll love Uncharted.

The Better With Prosecco series:

She’s broke and just got the axe.

He’s rich and can’t stay on his feet.

Hazel Black is always in control. That is until a slimy co-worker steals her work, gets her fired, and ruins her chance at a partnership.

Not to worry, her nutty mother has a plan... move to Italy together and flip the house she's just inherited. Hazel knows better than to trust any plan of her mothers, but her choices are limited. Limited, as in… she has none. 

Movie star Dean McLean has a new problem. He faints when anyone points a camera at him. The kiss of death for a world-famous action hero. When his manager bundles him off to stay in a remote Italian village, he’s determined to get better and get back. That is until he meets a girl who challenges him more than any of his most dangerous on-screen stunts.

If you like the dolce vita, quirky fun characters, and happily ever afters with a few surprises that will keep you turning pages, you'll love this fun, romantic romp through Italy.