Lisa-Marie Cabrelli, Ph.D.

Welcome to my new home! I’ve been gone for a while learning my craft and I’ve missed you all. The emails, the chats, the community. Community is why I have moved here to Substack. It’s so much easier for us all to connect here and enjoy each other’s company. Plus it means I can send you my new book directly to your email for FREE!

So where have I been? I’ve been hanging out at Dundee University in Scotland. In 2019 I earned my Mlitt in Crime Writing and Forensic Investigation (with distinction I might add). At graduation, I won the Val McDermid award for best dissertation, and the novel I wrote for that dissertation is sitting on my shelf… I need to work on that.

This year I earned my Ph.D. in Creative Writing. I still can’t get used to folks calling me Doctor! The novel I wrote for my Ph.D. was purchased by Yonder which is an app for serial reading. If you are at all interested in dystopian fiction (I know, quite a switch from my usual breezy beach reads), you can read the novel here: The Descent

Some more about me…

I have a weird accent - it's kind of English, with some Jersey twang and Scottish slang thrown in. That happens when you're born in England, move to NJ as a teenager, and marry a sexy Scotsman. I travel… a lot. I spend most summers in Italy and winters in The Bahamas. In January 2023 I finally gave in to my husband’s begging and spent a month on an expedition cruise to South Georgia and the Antarctic. I’m glad I gave in as it was the most amazing trip of my life.

Still struggling with my empty nest syndrome but I spend a lot more time with my daughter now since she’s taken on the role of my virtual assistant. If you need an ultra-organized, whip-smart assistant to help you with anything, you can find her business here: The Author Elf (she also supports non-authors).

I write fun, breezy beach reads and just started writing a family saga based in The Bahamas which you can read here: When The Tides Turn.