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Here’s a teaser:

When The Tides Turn

In the tough and gritty streets of 1990s Jersey City, Cat Wilson dreams of escaping her troubled past and building a stable future for herself and her father. As a waitress in a prestigious New York hotel, she discovers her desire to own and run a five-star hotel of her own, where she can offer guests the kind of luxury and service she has never known. But when the charming Christopher Hanna, youngest son of the powerful Hanna Dynasty of Nassau, Bahamas, sweeps her away to a new job and a life beyond her wildest dreams, she quickly finds herself caught in a web of wealth, deceit, and family intrigue.

As Cat is reluctantly drawn into the Hanna family's world, she finds a nemesis in Christopher's mother, Toni, who views her as a threat to carefully laid plans, and hostility from his older brother, Bradley, who doubts her intentions. Surrounded by secrets and conflicting loyalties, Cat must navigate the dangerous waters of the Hanna Dynasty, where the patriarch Ulysses is determined to preserve his legacy at any cost.

Will Cat find her place amidst the chaos and build the life she's always dreamed of? Or will the Hanna family's hidden truths shatter all their dreams?

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